Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tag, You're It!

Ok, every so often someone tags me for a game that I feel like playing along with. I like this one because through it I got to know Bluerose's Heart better and I'll return the courtesy. (Perhaps to my detriment?!)


I'm going to change the rules a bit (because I do that) and not tag anyone else in return. However, if you'd like to play along, please do. Just recycle the questions that Bluerose created for me to answer.


First, I'm supposed to share 11 Fun Facts About Me. I'll try to think of something to share that I haven't shared already.

1. I used to be a member of The Official Star Trek Fan Club. I had a uniform and tricorder and everything. I was a Trekker and not a Trekkie. I feel the need to say so. I also feel the need to let you know that I was 14 at the time. Or thereabouts.

2. I dislike stories set in hot or tropical locations because I hate being hot. I have a hard time working up the interest to read The Jungle Book for instance and I cannot watch Lawrence of Arabia or even Ben Hur because they are so hot and dusty looking. Too much sweat!

3. I like the idea of being out on the ocean but I can't hardly stand actually being on a boat. Every time I get one, I spend almost the entire ride thinking about the Titanic.

4. Up until this year I have hated avacados and cucumbers. I purposefully set out to like them and I have recently been able to enjoy them!

5. I am a black and white sort of person. There is no gray in my world. Occasionally someone reminds me that gray exists but I can't always see how it factors in. There is only black or white. Why are we even discussing this!?

6. When I was a teenager and my brother was a tween, we really liked to watch Whose Line is it Anyway? The only problem was that we were not allowed to do so. However, our parents conveniently left the house for regular meetings on the night of the week that the show aired. We would sneakily watch it (and laugh hysterically) with one of us standing guard at the window to make sure we saw when mom would come home. She'd drive into the driveway and we'd turn off the tv and SPLIT! They never discovered us.

7. When I was younger I said I wanted to have seven children because that is the number of completion. The older woman I told this to nodded at me in a very sage manner and told me that I was a very interesting person. (I have three children currently.)

8. When I was a teenager I used to wear vests all the time. No. Seriously. Like every single day. I had a closet full of vests. And I wore them. Every day. I was noted for this.

I do not wear vests anymore. (I cannot.) But I still don't really have a very good sense of fashion.

9. I saran wrapped someone's car once. I didn't know them. And the wrapping didn't stick so it was basically a waste of good saran wrap. But it was fun at the time.

10. When I was young I said I wanted to be a zoo keeper. I have a very low tolerance of animals these days so I think that's probably never going to happen.

11. I really like York Peppermint Patties. But the best (and only) way to eat them is to freeze them first, then eat the sides off and work your way to the middle. I'm just letting you know.


And now for the questions Bluerose asked me to answer:

1. What is something that never fails to make you laugh?

Hank the Cowdog. (He's on the brain these days, as we're reading the first book aloud.)

2. If you could meet any FICTIONAL character from a book/movie, who would it be?

Ha! Anne of Green Gables. Except wait! She'd talk a lot and so maybe I'd go with Lucy from the Narnia series. I think I would like her an awful lot.

3. What's your #1 "go-to" movie?

Anne of Green Gables.

4. What is your comfort food?


5. You get to grab 2 books(in addition to your Bible) off your shelf. These are the only books you will have for the next year. What do you grab?

Anne of Green Gables and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. (I'm very predictable like that!)

6. Who is you favorite music artist/group/composer?

Steven Curtis Chapman!

7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Prince Edward Island. (I tell you I'm extremely predictable!)

8. You get to step inside any book for a day. What book would you pick?

Umm....? ;) Well... Anne of Green Gables!

9. You get one super power. What do you pick?

I wouldn't. Because it would too easily be used for evil instead of good. I do not trust myself.

Oh, unless of course I could have A Green Thumb which can magically produce fruit on any tree and an abundance of vegetables. The ability not to kill plants would be very nice indeed!!!

10. What is one thing you never leave home without(besides wallet and keys...and kids, if you have those)?

A cell phone.

11. What is the closest thing to a phobia you have? (spiders, clowns, etc)

Slugs. *Shudder*

And now it's your turn, if you'd care to share! Thanks, Bluerose, for the fun!


  1. FUN!!! Your vests made me smile. Did your parents ever learn of your naughtiness?

    Yes, you are predictable, but we love you for that. I have also thought that Lucy was lovable and interesting.

  2. You mean some people believe there are shades of gray between all that obvious black and white?!

    I wonder if you really got away with that TV watching or if your parents chose to ignore it. Cause you know, a TV you just turned off feels hot on the back. One that hasn't been on feels cold. Not that I've participated in similar devious activities or anything! :D

    1. If my parents had discovered us - we would have KNOWN. They didn't exactly let us think we could get away with stuff. If we'd been found out, we would have definitely been informed!

  3. Giggle, predictable indeed! And Whose Line cracks me up too!

    This was fun to read, thanks for playing.

  4. Sorry, but I'm laughing at the Star Trek Fan Club one! ;) That is pretty cool, though.

    I think Whose Line Is It Anyway is one of the funniest shows EVER. I still watch it if I happen to catch a re-run.

    Very fun! I'm glad you played along! :)

  5. Yes, some of the answers were pretty predictable for any that have read you for a while, but others were a surprise. I didn't know you had an impish streak. :-)

    I used to love Whose Line, but it could get a little raunchy in places so we eventually stopped watching it. Which made me very mad at them for not keeping it clean. But where it was clean it was so funny.

    I could never work with animals. I don't like dealing with cleaning up after them and the smell of them.

  6. I LOVE these things, not because I like filling them out, I just like to read them from other people. I know, I don't play very well with others...
    1. I love this fact. I know I already knew it, but seeing it again was great. Ok, what's the difference between trekker and trekkie?
    3. I SO agree with you on this one.
    4. I only recently started liking avocados too (I've always liked cucumbers) and now I can't get enough!
    6. That show was hilarious! Profane. Yet hilarious.
    7. I think you would have been a really fun child to know. The number of completion...cracks me up!
    11. I'll have to try that, because I don't usually like them and they are something that I would normally like (chocolate and mint). Isn't that great? I'm trying to find a way to LIKE something that isn't good for me.

    You are outrageously predictable. hahaha Fun read, Carrie!

    1. A TrekKER is someone who likes The Next Generation and newer stuff.

      A TrekKIE likes Captain Kirk. Which, I submit, is kind of hard to do.

  7. Well... I won't answer all the questions, but I just thought you should know... York Peppermint Patties are pretty much my all time favorite. But only the little ones. The big ones that come individually by the checkouts don't have the proper ratio of chocolate to mint. ;) I like them so much that my roommate made a cake with them for my wedding shower!

    Also: SCC is pretty much my all time favorite too! :)