Friday, April 13, 2012

We Rock. Sometimes literally.

The day is only half over but so far it's been awesome.

The boy's had their Friday babysitter friend come over to play for a few hours this morning. They went downstairs and I stayed upstairs and caught up on some computer stuff while baby got some much needed, restful sleep!

Our friend left and the delivery truck showed up, delivering a huge box on the front porch. I was in the middle of coaxing baby to eat, so I told the boys that they could open the door and work together to bring the box inside. This was a comical affair, as the box was really too big for them. Yet they managed!

I complimented them on their team effort.

Mommy: You did a great job working as a team! You should come up with a team name. That way when I need to call you to come down for dinner or something, instead of calling out each of your names I can call the team name and you'll know I'm talking to both of you.

Bookworm1: Ok. We'll be the "weam."

Mommy: The weam? Um, why the 'weam'?

Bookworm1: It rhymes with 'team.'

After lunch we turned on our Disney soundtrack and played The Guessing Game. (When a new song comes on, we try to be the first to shout out which movie the song is from. I usually win, unless the movie is Mary Poppins. If I pause long enough, they are quick to shout out the title.) We had a rousing group dance event to 'Be Our Guest' and Disney's Electrical Parade. Everyone was laughing and having fun.

I've just put The Weam Team down for their naps and now I'm going to cozy up and finish THIS:

Happy Friday indeed.


  1. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS OUT????? (frantically bringing up Amazon.....)

  2. "The Weam Team"....SO cute! :) I love it.

    Review books are on hold at the moment, and I'm finally picking up TMBS. It's waited long enough, I think.

  3. Oh how I love the "weam team"! So cute!!

    I better get a move on reading the rest of this series so I can get a hold of this one! :)

  4. I have that book staring at me, but I'm trying to finish a few other tasks first. It's tempting!!!

  5. You can't fault his logic. The Weam is obviously a superior choice. hahaha!

  6. The Weam Team is a fun name! One of the principles I'm trying to instill in my kids is that we aren't just a family, we're a TEAM. So I call us "Team INSERTLASTNAMEHERE." It's had additional benefits in that when we are in public with a ton of kids I just call "Team INSERTLASTNAMEHERE come to me." Or something along those lines. All 4 of my kids respond and everyone thinks were cute. Much better than yelling "William! Benjamin! Elisabeth! Samuel! Come here!" :)