Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Daybook: 5

Time for another The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window... the sun is shining brightly! There are new shoots on the branches of the tree which makes me infinitely happy!

I am thinking... that I rather dislike Twitter feed from a courtroom. There is a case happening right now that I care very much about and there is live feed coming out of it. I seriously doubt that anyone unfamiliar with courtroom procedure (possibly including the Twitterer) understands courtroom procedure or why certain things are being said/done as they are. I question whether or not this Twitter feed is a truly valuable service to the community (or world at large.)

I am thankful.... . . that we can pray for situations that matter to us, even if we are several thousand miles away.

In the kitchen... breakfast clean-up is happening.

I am wearing... jeans and SHORT SLEEVES! Also, I'm sporting a nice sunburn from yesterday's SUN!

I am creating... a clean pantry today.

I am going... to do some grocery shopping.

I am wondering... about society's need to Twitter EVERYTHING. (Sorry. Watching the news feed despite my irritations.)

I am reading... Summer Lightning, by P.G. Wodehouse as part of the Reading to Know online bookclub!

Reading to Know - Book Club

I am hoping... to have enough sunshine to play in today! It's supposed to start raining at some point this week and won't clear up again until next weekend. Gotta enjoy the sun while it lasts around these parts!

I am looking forward to... time with a friend this week!

I am learning... how to garden.

Around the house... Legos are being built, books are being scattered about, and babies are crawling less frequently and walking with more regularity.

I am pondering... how to best tend to my clay soil.

A favorite quote for today...

I know I was writing stories when I was five. I don't know what I did before that. Just loafed I suppose. ~ P.G. Wodehouse

One of my favorite things... summer-like days with the family. Just piddling around indoors with the doors and windows open, taking long walks and finish them up with snow cones, and enjoying sunshine and breeze.

A few plans for the rest of the week: time with friends, meetings, errands, continuing to unpack boxes and put the house back in order and reading!

A peek into my day... same as last week: rather unpredictable as it involves three small children.

This picture was taken on our first hike of the season - which we went on this past Saturday. Loved being out in the woods again! Bookworm1 picked the trail which took us further up the mountain than we've ever been before which was fun.


  1. It does get frustrating when people feel they need to Twitter everything!

    The hike looks fun.

  2. Did you read Challies' article on Tweeting sermons? I'm not on Twitter anymore (well, my account is still there, but I haven't logged on in months. I should delete it)

    What are you planning to grow this year?

    1. No I haven't (yet.) Jonathan was talking about that this afternoon at lunch also. Guess I need to go read it!

  3. you're sunburnt and we have a rare April snowstorm. lol

  4. Love, love, love the PGW quote! :-)

    Love the picture, too.

    I'm going to email you soon regarding a few things (good things, I promise!) :-) I know, you're on pins and needles. ;-)

  5. Do you have a Twitter account?
    The Wodehouse quote made me laugh!

    1. NO! I do NOT! I'm just watching courtroom twitter feed. (Which is enough to make one scratch one's head and ask, "WHHHAAA!?!?!"

  6. Do you live near that area with the trail? How beautiful!

    The soil is very much clay here too.

    I am so not into Twitter. Wouldn't even have a clue how to get onto it. I know, I'm so behind the times.