Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Daybook : 3

Time for another The Simple Woman's Daybook. Really, I will start posting things other than the Daybook. I am hoping that this will be the week where we start to settle back in to normal routine. (*fingers crossed*)

Outside my window... SUNSHINE (and green trees.)

I am thinking... that I have a fresh new week with no major plans in which to continue to settle back into home and re-establish a working routine.

I am thankful... for a wonderful, fabulous time with my friend last week. She's my best friend from law school and lives on the opposite side of the country. She came with her daughter and blessed us tremendously with her company.

In the kitchen... there are new appliances and an oven that is officially useable! (We ran the clean cycle this weekend to make sure it cleaned and didn't smell like smoke. Ta da! We can bake again!)

I am wearing... a shirt and slacks. (Note the difference from my usual attire. This is due, in part, to the fact that I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight and didn't want to be wearing pajamas all day. I also did some laundry this past weekend.)

I am creating... THINGS IN THE KITCHEN! (It makes me happy to be able to cook and bake for my family again. In my own kitchen.)

I am going... to unpack a few more boxes today.

I am wondering... about my daughter's persistent cough. (If you would, I'd appreciate prayers for it.) She had a cold a few months ago and has this lingering cough. Yes, I've taken her to the doctor. He didn't hear anything in her lungs or find any cause for concern. He said that sometimes it takes longer for the windpipe to heal an so there can be a cough that lingers. Still, I find this a bit concerning.

I am reading...The Wilder Life. I'm halfway through it. I just finished reading Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected (linked to my thoughts) and found that . . . intriguing.

I am hoping... for an unsurprising week.

I am looking forward to... watching another episode of Once Upon a Time with my husband. Fascinating show! (Great story telling.)

I am learning... that I need to take greater pains to exhale every once in awhile. Apparently there is a muscle in your neck which contracts and strains and causes you to feel like you have a growing, painful lump in your neck, when you are under some amount of stress. A week of stress and worry over the lump was revealed to be "nests of worry" by the doctor on Friday afternoon. I wouldn't mind a calm, predictable week to just settle down a bit.

Around the house... there is a great deal of Lego construction going on and quite a bit of playing outdoors. We have had some GORGEOUS *spring!* weather this past weekend and have enjoyed opening doors and windows and spending time outside.

I am pondering... the dangers of setting low expectations for ourselves and our children. Also, the possibility of getting back onto Facebook for long-distance relationships only. I like not having Facebook for locals because Facebook interferes with good conversation. But it is awfully handy and useful for staying in touch with people who live far away. Thinking through these things.

A favorite quote for today...

"God designed our boys to fight, but to fight for right. To stand up for truth. To stand alone for Christ. To battle in the spiritual realm with prayer. The ideal is to be warriors for Christ."

- From Combat, a blog post by Melanie Young.

One of my favorite baby girl's maniacal laugh.

A few plans for the rest of the week: mostly we plan to spend time catching up with people we haven't had a chance to talk with in awhile. That pretty much sums up the week!

A peek into my or two errands, some "busy work" around the house and dinner out! If that beautiful sun keeps on shining, then we'll likely get outside for a bit as well!


  1. These are so fun to read Carrie, and I'm really happy about the sunshine too.

  2. I've prayed for your little girl's cough. I hope that goes away soon! I'm also praying for y'all to have a calm, predictable week! :)

    I've been DVRing Once Upon a Time, but it never got the first 4 episodes. I've been waiting on those to start watching it. I've been hearing great things about it, though!

  3. I love Once Upon a Time.

    How fun to have new appliances!

    I'll be interested to hear your take on The Wilder Life.

    Could the cough be allergies? Some of us have kind of continuing mild coughs or sniffles this time of year. Hope it goes away soon.

    I've actually found FB to be helpful in conversations with local people. In those few minutes you see each other in church (or wherever) there's not time to talk about everything, and there are some people in church we rarely cross paths with because we sit in different places or are in different ministries. Mentioning something someone said on FB can spark a conversation.

  4. So, so, VERY happy you are home and enjoying all your new "toys"!! Will most certainly keep your little princess in my prayers that her cough is nothing serious!
    And...I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Wilder Life! I have been wanting to read that book!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. So glad that you are home, back in your kitchen, back to cooking and baking. How wonderful!

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner out!