Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's Hear it For the Boys!

I started following the MOB Society (Mother of Boys blog) after reading a post that Barbara from Stray Thoughts linked to. (It was this article on Combat. It was awesome because I like things quiet and I need to sometimes realize that quiet is not what boys need.)

Apparently every Thursday they host a meme in which we're encouraged to brag on our boys. Face it, boys get a bum rap in today's society. Whenever I mention I have two of them (and only two . . . I mean, come on!) someone usually comments about how hard I have it. When I was pregnant with my daughter strangers everywhere coo-ed and said, "Ohhh, you are finally going to get your girl. I bet you are so glad!" (I was glad. I did want a girl. But my contrary nature almost willed her to be male whenever someone assumed that having a third boy would somehow be over the top. I'd already learned that boys are quite fabulous.)

Boys are awesome!

Yes, they are louder. Yes, they do crazy, unexplainable things. They take risks. They leap off of tall things in an attempt to fly. They love to create "bad guys" to pretend fight against. Sometimes it does get a little loud, but they are still awesome.

I am not persuaded that just because a boy is a boy means that they can be disruptive and disobedient. I'm not interested in having two wild hooligans under foot all of the time. I believe that boys can be kind, loving and respectful all while being adventurous and daring.

Now that I've had a girl, I love that my boys have the built-in opportunity to learn how to treat a sister and a female. We can talk about the differences between boys and girls (because yes, there are differences!) and they are learning how to include her in their fun, and protect her from some of their own fun.

This past week my little girl has just been quiet the sick and miserable little Babycakes. (That's my hideous nickname for her, by the way.) Her brothers are feeling much better than she is and have been roaring about the house leaving her sniffling next to me. However, when she and I really need them to come and help out with her, they both deliver.

My oldest boy, age 5, is very kind and thoughtful. Today I put him in charge of trying to get her to drink some apple juice. (She wasn't taking any of it from me!) He has learned that frequently she will be more inclined to do something if she sees one of her brothers do it first. Without any input or guidance from me, Bookworm1 got out a glass of water, stuck a straw in it and drank it in front of her. All the while he was telling her how yummy his drink was. Sure enough, she was intrigued and promptly took to her own cup and straw and drank a little bit. (Not very much, but still - he was creative in motivating her and it worked!)

Meanwhile, my second born son (age 3) is a complete ham and goofball. He really likes making people laugh. Yesterday he discovered that baby likes trying to do somersaults after watching him do them. Today he did a round of somersaults and "creative dancing" all about the bedroom which made her offer up more than one chuckle.

Sustenance, laughter, fellowship, care and love is what my sons have offered to their sister today. It's been very encouraging to watch them nurture her when she is really not feeling well at all. I always wanted an older brother growing up. My baby girl is very blessed to have two. Those are some pretty fantastic gifts and blessings in her life and I hope she'll always know it.


  1. Sounds like fun! I think boys generally want to be helpful and a good example to their younger siblings. I love that site.

    Had to smile at "Babycakes" -- that's what Jason calls Mittu. :-)

    1. HAHA! (It's kind of revolting but it comes out anyway.)

  2. I liked that post too and have been following MOB (and MOD) for a month or two now. A real blessing.

    Your boys are awesome!

  3. Boys are awesome! I have 3 of them and they are all different! nice to "meet you"

  4. I couldn't agree more with everything you said!! My little guy rocks!! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hurrah! I must confess I have a tendency to hope for girls (if I ever am granted the state of matrimony), but perhaps it's because society has conditioned me in this way.
    I do like this post a lot, and agree that boys get an unfair reputation.

  6. Indeed! Having two boys is awesome! ;)

  7. I'm pretty partial to boys myself. ;) But, I will confess I'm hoping for a little girl next time, whenever that might be.