Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wanted: A Car Babysitter

What's this?

I think it's genius. I don't know why it's not advertised.


Are you tired of hauling multiple small children in and out of their carseats to drag them into stores for very brief periods of time?

Are you anxious to cut down your time while out running errands?

What YOU need a Car Babysitter!!!

A car babysitter solves almost every errand-running problem known to the modern mother. Need to run errands with the kids in the pouring rain? Not looking forward to hustling multiple children in and out of stores? Does only ONE child need to go to the bathroom during that necessary pit stop!? Do you need to dash into the post office for only just a second, or into the grocery store for a single loaf of bread? Behold, the glory of the Car Babysitter!

For the price of one Starbuck's beverage of their choice and $5 of cold hard cash, you can enjoy the company and convenience of the Car Babysitter for an hour or so. She'll sit in the passenger seat of your car and talk to you as you drive around town. With luck, she'll be a witty and engaging personality. She'll entertain the children and stand guard over them as you waltz in and out of stores with ease and precision. (And even if she is as dull as a doorknob, the chances are she can still successfully occupy a passenger seat and make sure that no hard comes to the children in your momentary absences from the vehicle.)

The modern mother would be able to run errands about 62.344% faster by employing a Car Babysitter.

Almost 97% satisfaction guaranteed success! (The variables being the State of the Children during errand running and the wit of the Car Babysitter.)


I just made this up as far as I know but I think someone could make themselves a boatload of money out of marketing themselves to mothers this way. *I* would pay for a Car Babysitter. In the meantime, I just assume that one day my oldest will function in this capacity and that will indeed be a glorious day.


  1. LOVE this! I've also had the idea for drive thrus that sell milk, bread, and eggs.

    Oh, the day when they can remain by themselves!!!!

  2. Feeling thankful for my 16 yod and 14yos. . . :D
    But don't feel bad, I was in your shoes back then. And the times are becoming more and more frequent that my big kids are otherwise engaged so I run with the littles by myself and have to climb around the van unbuckling car seats yet again (and I'm older this time, chuckle).

  3. yes! I am always so amazed at how much more quickly my errands go when someone stays in the car with the kids! I have even been known to linger just a moment in an aisle I don't normally see much of.
    Of course, if it's anything like my neighborhood the six or so girls who are willing and able to baby-sit are so booked up that I would have to plan my car baby-sitter schedule weeks in advance!

  4. If I didn't live 45 minutes away, I would happily be your car babysitter!

    1. Emily you beat me to it! I was just about to say this!

  5. Oh, yes! Brilliant idea!! Now that my kids are 3-8 yrs I occasionally leave them in the car - dropping a book off in the library, paying for gas when pay at the pump doesn't work, etc. The criteria is that I'll be less than 5 minutes and the establishment is small. My kids are threatened to not let unlock the doors and to stay strapped in their seats. The threats work well for now. :)

  6. Great idea -- except they'd probably charge more. I used to just hate having to get a sleeping baby from a car seat to make a quick dash in a store or office, but didn't dare leave them.

  7. This IS genius!

    It's so funny that I was just thinking the same thing earlier! It was pouring rain. I needed milk, and I had no umbrella, of course. I was thinking someone should invent a drive-thru for those things you GOTTA have. :)

  8. Oh my YES!!! I always say that a Post Office needs a drive thru like the bank. I dislike very much having to take my kids into the post office. For some reason they NEVER behave while waiting in line...but only at the PO!! I would definitely pay for a car babysitter!! :)

  9. A to the men! And this would probably actually make my errands that much more efficient as I find that now (or I should say, before the girls were born) when I am alone running errands it takes just as much time as with my children because I actually have time to look at things in the store and ponder, and stop and talk to friends (the hazards of a semi-smallish town you've lived in for 20 years). But I do end up feeling more relaxed after one of those trips!

  10. For a Starbucks I'll come drive around with ya! :v)

  11. I've done that before. Not in any official capacity, but I've had friends wait to do errands until I come over, and then take me with them so I could help haul kids to the car and stay with them on quick errands.

    I guess I should have asked for pay. =)