Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sometimes it hurts to be right.

Baby in the womb at 10 weeks gestation

Jonathan pointed out this article to me in which the argument is being made that killing babies (already born) is no different from having an abortion.

It isn't, you know. Because life itself has already been devalued.

Pro-lifers have been scoffed for suggesting that if we continue to allow abortions to happen, then we can expect people to start taking logical steps to devaluing life as we see it outside of the womb. We've asked the question, "What happens when we decide the disabled and infirm are too heavy a burden on society? Will we advocate killing them also?" We've been told we're stupid for asking such questions. We have been harrased for using and applying logic to our arguments as to why we must support and choose life from the moment of conception, no matter the circumstances or situation which brought that life into question.

I consider this article validation for the pro-life movement. We've been asking society when to expect this. The time has now come. We've been right all along, thanks to the brazen honesty of two men at Oxford.

But sometimes it hurts to be right.

Abortion hurts everyone. Make no mistake about it.

(I highly recommend watching this video.)


  1. First of all, thank you for posting this. I had seen the link on a couple of people's Facebook statuses but then couldn't find it.

    This is so utterly horrifying.

  2. Or how about this, Carrie: What have we done to ourselves?

    I think the JME's decision to publish this article is going to do a lot more to support pro-lifers. They are absolutely right. If abortion is ok, why stop at the womb?

  3. I know. :( There's another article out of Australia that I came across a couple weeks ago and just recently posted on my facebook page. It's 2 ethicists claiming that you should be able to kill a baby after it's born basically if you determine that it would infringe upon your life. Sick and wrong. :(

  4. Just think of the women who could get out of jail for killing their child!

    The video was a good message, too.

  5. @Annette - yes. So long as we're doing what we deem to be right in our own eyes and dismiss a firm morality - absolutely! We should shudder to think. I hope we are.

  6. Tears.
    So sad. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. I couldn't agree with the post more! I have gotten scoffed at and questioned and even in some heated arguments over the wrongs of abortion. I just can't wrap my mind around finding any good reason to kill an unborn baby!

    Praying that someday very, VERY, soon, this all comes to an end!!