Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Month In

It's been a month since The Great Smoke Out. We're still in temporary housing with no concrete ending date in sight.

I'm not going to lie - some moments are just plain frustrating. I just typed up a list of the things that were annoying to me and then I deleted it. Writing up a list caused me to inhale and exhale again. You don't need to see The List of Frustrations. I don't need to dwell on it. Life goes on. We're here in our townhouse for now, but eventually we have to be home.

I was attempting to think of something clever to say in this One Month Anniversary post but I've really got nothin.' I'll end with a smile, because that's probably the best thing to do.

Last night Jonathan and I had the task of unpacking several boxes of items that had been returned to us marked "Clean." Every item that is returned to us we have to sniff thoroughly to see if we can detected any smoke smell. So basically we sniff like drug dogs, grouping items together, separating things, all in an effort to try and find that illusive-but-still-present smell which is lurking in the piles. WHICH item is unclean?!?! It's a long process of sniffing one item at a time, over and over again. At any rate, the kids were watching us do this.

We had just finished changing Baby's diaper and had laid the diaper in a pile of trash that we were going to clear out. Jonathan and I both had our noses on items when I looked over and baby had grabbed her diaper and was smelling it in like fashion.

That was an easy test.

We declared the diaper UNCLEAN and promptly rejected it.


  1. Laughter: gives hope and calm in the tiring moments.

    I love when Derek tells me that he isn't sure if a diaper is dirty and would I sniff...and from three feet away I know the answer...

    Hugs to you!

  2.'s been a long time! I didn't even realize. :-(
    The diaper story is hilarious!

  3. Oh sheesh! Sounds frustrating. The wonderful thing is that you ARE all together! Take pictures and write stuff down, someday when you look back, you will laugh! It will be fun to see what the boys remember about this experience years from now!
    Hang in there.

  4. Wonderful attitude, Carrie, and the story of your wee girl sniffing the diaper--priceless!

  5. Glad to see you are keeping a positive attitude and can see the humor in this whole situation. Hang in there!

  6. Oh goodness, the baby smelling her diaper. Now that made me laugh! We smell Noah from a room away... and lately (thankfully) he's come out in the morning telling us "poopy diaper" and this morning it was so full he was walking funny! That made us both laugh!

  7. Well, I hate to laugh in the midst of your frustrations, but the diaper story was really cute! :)

  8. Too funny! Hubby and I always had an unspoken rule in the evenings and on weekends that the person who smells the diaper first changes it. I'm not sorry to say that I often did not acknowledge the offending odor just because I was tired of changing them the rest of the week. I might have even sent my crawlers and toddlers to "go see daddy" to help increase daddy's chances of smelling the offender.