Thursday, March 1, 2012

Five of My Favorite Things

Another week has already flown by. How did that happen?! Oh wait . . .

Time for another Friday's Fave Five hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story!

#1 on my list has to be the Most Amazing Surprise Date Night EVER!!!

#2 would have to be a really fantastic appointment with a naturopathic physician. She said nice things. Wonderful things. And she talked to me like I was a human being and not just a patient! (I love my general family doctor very much but I was glad to find this naturopathic gal.) You might also be amused to know that she "argued" me out of half of the Knives Over Forks idea. (In short, she's anti-dairy but pro-meat in moderation.) Putting protein back into my diet has just done wondrous things. I'm not ready to start singing about the joy of beef or anything like that but when you go even a week without meat and then you taste it again? Well, for me it was a little slice of some kind of turkey heaven. (I no longer miss milk though.)

#3 is once again the fact that it is Friday. This week has been rather long and hard. I'm not much caring for the lack of accurate communication between our insurance agency and the cleaning company. (Prayers for patience anyone? We'll accept them all!)

#4 would be the snow that fell yesterday. Not because we got to go out and play in it. Rather, the sun reflecting off of the snow shone extra light into our temporary housing which is generally quite dark(er than I am used to.) Extra sunlight was a big bonus and I enjoyed keeping the windows open and letting the extra light in for a bit!

#5 will have to be my daughter's smile. She has these little ringlets that circle her face and when she squinches up her nose as she is inclined to do she looks like a little curly haired fairy and I love her. I'm also glad that her 7th and 8th tooth finally poked through!

And it is Friday. Oh wait. I said that already.

Well, I am very, very glad.


  1. Ah...yes...another Friday indeed. Smiles are, indeed, quite the blessing.

  2. Do you have a source for grass-fed beef? It's cost-prohibitive for us right now, but I do buy beef from sources that don't use any hormones or antibiotics. I've just started buying pasteurized (but not homogonized) milk from a dairy in my state that sells to some grocery stores. It's creamline milk and it's WONDERFUL.

    You had snow and we had 80° yesterday. It's not supposed to be that way in Virginia. We've had no winter at all. *SIGH*

    But, YAY for Fridays :-)

  3. #2. Do you go to someone in your hometown? I'm looking for a naturopath myself.

  4. I can't imagine not missing milk.

    I'll definitely be praying for y'all. Maybe the insurance company will get with it!

    That's so sweet that your little girl already has curls! We're still waiting on hair for Firefly, but we're hoping for curls. :)

  5. You're the second person today who is thankful for snow. I'm thankful there is none! But I do adore sunshine and opening the curtains and letting light in is one of my favorite things to do.

    Your baby sounds adorable!

    I'm glad it's Friday, too! Very glad.

  6. I really want this naturopath's name and phone number so I can meet with her! I want to hear more about your appointment :)

  7. The naturopath visit sounds interesting. I've never explored any of that kind of thing. I'm quite the carnivore and every now and then have a craving for beef, but my husband doesn't digest it well so we rarely have it at home. I do tend to order it when we eat out. I haven't had milk in a long time, though -- lactose intolerant.

    I love Fridays, too, especially not having to set the alarm clock when I go to bed at night.

    We haven't had more than a dusting of snow a couple of times. It would be nice to have one good snowfall before winter is over, but it looks like we might not get one. But last year we had way more than usual, so I guess it evens out over the long run.

  8. so glad you found doctor you like! Why are you giving up dairy? is it for health reasons? just curious..i've only had skim in my diet since giving birth 13 years ago to my youngest daughter. I only have it in coffee and on cereal. I get my calcium from cheeses and ice cream or my calcium tablet. I def need protein but get it mainly from eggs, chicken and beans and other things like that....rarely beef. We do eat fish (salmon, bluefish, tilapia) but that's a healthier choice. Your little girl sounds so cute with the ringlets!! have a happy weekend!

  9. well, it's Saturday morning now and I like that even better! I 've got the whole weekend ahead of me and I'm going to enjoy it!
    Good doctors are a treasure, so glad you found somebody nice! I can imagine your daughter's smile is the nicest thing on earth, because I think the same about mine!
    Hope you'll have a great weekend, before you know it it 'll be Friday AGAIN!!

  10. I have to say, one thing I miss about not being on FB (and you not being on FB) is that I don't get to see cute pictures of your babies. : )

  11. Yay for surprise date night! Hope next week is a little easier. . .

  12. Yay for Fridays!
    I'm so glad you had some extra light in your house, I MUST have sunlight inside, a dark house affects me quite adversely.
    I am so glad the naturopath helped. I was pleased to learn I *must* have high protein meats and whole dairy in my food. We have been trying to add even more natural high fiber foods to our meals; fruits and vegetables!
    We eat as natural as we can. My kids are already label readers!
    Love to you, your curly-girl and your boys!

  13. I like a nice bright house too and really have a hard time in darker ones. I get quite antsy.

    What a date that must have been! I would love to see that live!

  14. Any extra light is a fave during the winter. Hurray for the fantastic date! I eat a whole foods plant based diet--I'd be interested to know why your dr wants you to eat meat.

  15. I definitely identify with your appreciation for Fridays, so you can praise them as often as you like :-) Went back and read your surprise date -- so wonderful that despite the ticket mishap, you could see the show.