Friday, February 10, 2012


I've been posting my Friday's Fave Five (hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story) over at Reading to Know but I'm going to start posting here instead. It seems more fitting.

Things I'm grateful for today (most of which relate to The Great Smoke Out which has changed up our living conditions in the past week!):

1. A wooden stirring spoon. Of course, I'm unable to use any utensils from my own kitchen at the moment and the temporary housing we're in does not have a decent stirring spoon. You might think I'm over exaggerating but I'm SO NOT! I was trying to mix up some pancake batter with a spoon that was so bendy it was like trying to stir something with a straw. I eventually mixed the batter by hand. No, my ACTUAL HAND. It worked better than the spoon. At any rate, I was grateful that our cleaning company gave us approval to replace our wooden spoons and I went out and bought a set post haste. (Anyone want a pancake? They were made with love!) ha!

2. I'm grateful that we got our computer back! They cleaned that right away. It's kinda hard not to have a computer around I discovered. I don't really know what day it is without a full sized screen announcing it to me. I'm not sure how pathetic that is just yet.

3. The fact that my mom has been out here visiting this week. It's been SO helpful to have someone around to tend the kids while we've been running about trying to take care of house matters. She's been just as much a trooper as anyone! This isn't exactly the visit she envisioned.

4. Our church family. They've just been incredible, loaning the kids clothes, loaning us kitchen supplies, offering up freezer space so we could transfer things over that we didn't want to lose. It's been SUCH a blessing!

5. You all. Your notes, e-mails and comments of encouragement have been a huge blessing and they each put a smile on my face.

Lastly, I have to share this song because it's kind of becoming the theme these days:

Give me faith to follow where You lead me
Oh Lord give me the courage and the strength to do
Whatever! Whatever You say!


  1. I love that song! Another song that speaks to about the way I need to let go of my plans is the Newsboys 'The Way We Roll'
    ~Put on your backpack, throw out your road map
    God'll use anything, check it and see
    He's giving us more than we ever could ask for
    That's the way you roll 'cause you've been set free~
    It's so HARD to let go and trust Him and yet the unending, bountiful blessings are amazing!
    Yes, LORD, whatever! So much different then the popular colloquial, "Whatevs" I've been hearing lately, our "whatever" is filled with trust! C'est la vie!

  2. You threw me off by switching blogs. ha. Glad to find you just the same.

    Laughing at mixing the batter with your hand. We do what we have to do!

    Also smiling about your video choice because I just wrote in an e-mail to a friend, "Whateva." Gotta try to keep that attitude more often.

    Hope your weekend goes well!

    1. It was most interesting telling Jonathan. First I said, "I had to mix these by hand" which received NO reaction. Then I realized how it sounded. "No, no....WITH MY ACTUAL HAND!" ;D heh. That got his attention!

  3. Be a rebel. Go to the dollar store and buy wooden spoons WITHOUT INSURANCE COMPANY APPROVAL. :)

  4. LOL to Taia. I bought new spatulas without their approval and I'm a step away from a cutting board. Maybe half a step. Because....hello. No explanation should be necessary.

  5. Oh dear it sounds like a missed an event that has turned your lives upside down. So sorry. It really is amazing how important the little things are. God really equipped us with some great utensils in our fingers and fingernails for sure. Hope everything comes together for you soon.

  6. I had to scroll through your posts to see what happened ! Because if a wooden stirring spoon makes somebody happy nowadays, that's something really special !! I love pancakes a pity that I live so far away!

  7. Praying this is all over for you soon...but it puts a smile on my face to read that your handling it so well and making the best out of a not-so-best situation!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. So glad for the blessings amidst the trials.

  9. Well, I hoped you washed your hands first. ;)

  10. You're finding the blessings in a difficult situation. I'm glad your mom is there to help--moms like helping their kids, so she's probably loving it.

  11. LOL to Taia. Too funny and I say go for it Carrie and go get that board!

    Praise God for Moms is all I can say. So glad yours was able to be there for you and praying everything is all settled and you are back in your home quickly!

  12. I so appreciate the way you are finding things for which to be grateful in all this--it's encouraging to us too! And I'm chuckling that you posted this song b/c after you tagged me, I started a draft on my blog with the lyrics! :)

  13. I am laughing while listening to "Whatever" because I am picturing you up to your elbows in batter. I hope it was humorous to you at the time it was happening. At the very least it will be a "Memory" for you all.

    So glad your church family is helping out. Wish I was closer cuz I have things you could have (like a cutting board). Hello! That is a necessity!

    Carrie, I am praying this clean up and move back in happens quickly, that you continue to see the blessings, and that you all are kept safe.