Friday, February 24, 2012

The FFF I *Need* to Acknowledge

I've been posting my Friday's Fave Five (hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story) over at Reading to Know but I'm going to start posting here instead. It seems more fitting.

Things I'm grateful for this week:

1. It's Friday. Plain and simple.

2. A morning out with my girl. A friend is coming over to play with the boys so I can get out and run some errands and I'm looking forward to that. There aren't any *exciting* errands and I'm telling myself that's ok. Sometimes just the mundane of getting to get out and accomplish things on the To Do list needs to be enough.

3. Housework. Yesterday I was bored. Bored, bored, bored. There wasn't much to clean, wasn't much to do, and I realized that there is beauty and comfortable predictability in having housework to do. Usually there is a mountain of things to be done but here in our temporary home it can all be wrapped up in about half an hour. At first I found this freedom of cleaning perfectly glorious. But it's starting to get old; it feels like we're on this long vacation with no end in sight. Except we're not on vacation and there's no rhythm of laundry, bread making, etc. Here I wait until the laundry basket is full and I eagerly carry it to the washing machine. I'm afraid I might wear out our clothes by washing them, for the sheer joy of having something to do.

4. Like-minded friends. Last night we had dinner our Forks Over Knives friends. (I think that's what I'll start to call them. The Forks Over Knives friends. ha! How do you like that?) It was our first We Are Almost Officially Vegetarian People meal together and it's kind of interesting sitting at a table and eating your vision. (That sounds weird but hopefully you know what I mean.) We talked of gardening and they showed me their new compost pile. (And it didn't stink.) It's just kind of fun to be at the start of the gardening / fruits and veggie journey at the same time as close friends. Everyone is learning. Everyone has something to share. Everyone is excited. I enjoyed it.

5. Sunshine. Rain is predicted today (and for the next several days.) So to sit here in the sunshine and finish up my breakfast is nice. If this could last until lunchtime, I'd feel quite satisfied. ;)

Learning. Growing. Being bored. Doing some more learning.

That seems to summarize things around here!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I want to start a compost pile SOON!

    I know what you mean about being thankful for housework. Sometimes it's hard, since I work during the week. But I find when I don't devote my Saturdays to household chores, I end up wasting the time. I'd much rather be productive.

  2. I thought about housework after my m-i-l went to assisted living. My husband told her she'd never have to cook and clean again, and that sounded great at first. But that took away from the rhythm of life she had always known. It was a necessary move, but I hadn't realized how valuable it was (apart from making things clean and bringing order to chaos). I'm always glad to escape housework for a vacation or day off, but after a while I am ready to get back to normal. And as Melissa said, when I do have time off I tend to waste it instead of getting to all those other things I want to do when I have free time.

    We're having rain and sunshine, cold and heat back and forth this week.

  3. If you're serious about vegetable gardening, it's time to plant peas. You could probably still garden at your house.

  4. YAY Vegetarianism!!!! Congratulations. I didn't know.

  5. :) Mundane errands with your girl are sweet.

  6. It's great to have like minded friends! As far as being vegetarian, I'm an oddball around here. Nobody really gets it. :P My family was always big meat eaters. Thankfully, Jonathan doesn't mind eating mostly meatless at home. It's different story eating anywhere else, though.

    Our compost pile is pretty pitiful at the moment!

  7. "Learning. Growing. Doing some more learning." Sounds like my life, too. No boredom yet, but I look forward to that. At least that's what I say now. :)

    Even though it is only Day 3 of Lent, I am learning a lot about my relationship with God and where I've been "stuck." I am looking forward to Day 40 to survey all that I will have learned.

    Fridays are a blessing here too. It is my day off and today, I really took it off. I unplugged except to respond to FFF posts.

    It is wonderful to have like-minded friends. You are very blessed.

    Have a blessed week, Carrie.

  8. Amen and amen on #1. Good for you to join in with your vegetarian friends for a while. I've got a vegan friend and cooking does get challenging! Just reading about your boredom makes me feel a little more relaxed ;-)

  9. Housework is really a boring task ! Otherwise you can't complain about your week !

  10. Interesting faves....I can't really relate to the bored one...LOL...i'd like to though :) I have days in the summer months though (the months I am not teaching at the school) where I can get bored if I let my I just try to think of it as time to meditate on HIM and do some extra journaling! I'm actually looking forward to being bored this summer :) I am contemplating going mostly vegan my self....but..i do love a good grilled steak once in awhile! Yay for time away to run errands without small children! Have a good weekend....

  11. I had to smile about you doing laundry just to have something to do. If I lived close I'd be glad to oblige and bring mine over just to save your sanity. ;v)

  12. It's great to have like-minded friends that "get you."

    I'd be glad to let you do all my filing to help you have something to do ...

  13. Yes, be glad for Friday! I would love a break from housework, but I do understand about missing a routine. On the other hand, a life of learning and growing seems to leave little to be desired. :)

  14. Forks Over Knives friends--I like that. I'm the only vegan person I know personally so my food choices are often unfamiliar to other people. A whole group of FOK people around to talk recipes with would be wonderful.

    Thanks for your comment about adoption. We're hoping to have two adopted grandchildren someday.