Wednesday, February 29, 2012

18 Years to Perfection

We all have a list of our favorite things . . . things popular, things obscure. Things that we like and no one else understands. Sometimes we tell other people about the things we like and other times we keep those things to ourselves because they are hard to explain.

Secretly I believe we all have our favorite Disney princess. I have mine anyway. Her name is Belle.

I distinctly remember seeing Disney's
Beauty and the Beast in the theater when it was released in 1991. Back then the computer animation was a really big deal and we watched in awe as Belle and The Beast danced across the ballroom as Angela Landsbury belted out one of the most memorable Menken-Disney songs of all time. The ballroom was gorgeous. I wanted to wear Belle's beautiful yellow dress! I still try not think about how weird it is for a girl to fall in love with a beast. I still try to imagine being granted the privilege of slapping Gaston in the face. It's a quirky fun story about a girl who loves to read.

In 1994 I was told that Disney was bringing Beauty and the Beast to Broadway. Eighteen years ago and I still remember sitting and reading articles about how magical and amazing the production was. I wanted to go to this Broadway show. Eighteen years ago I started saying, "The show I MOST want to see on Broadway is Beauty and the Beast!"

About a month ago my husband told me to mark the calendar for a special February 28th Surprise Date Night. Yesterday at lunch I asked him if I could know what it is that we were going to be doing, so that I would know whether or not to have supper made for the kids or if our friends who would be watching them were making the meal or -- ?

Jonathan sadly told me that he did have a date night planned. He had bought tickets to the traveling production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast
but that the company cleaning our house had packed up the tickets and wouldn't let him look for them. He had remembered the tickets when they were packing up our house and was hastily trying to locate them before they were packed. Jonathan was running around the house and I was thinking, "What is it that he's looking for?! What's he doing!?" No one could tell him where our tickets were. He spent a few weeks making calls, talking to anyone and everyone (even the theater) trying to find our tickets. Alas, no one would help. So he told me that he had really wanted to take me to see Beauty and the Beast but that our tickets were lost. We could still have dinner out but we wouldn't be able to go to the show after all and he was sorry.

I had known the show was traveling through. But I had told myself that no matter how much I WANTED to go, it was really impractical to arrange that with the children. The show is 45 minutes away and we have three little children. (If you actually have little children you know the difficulty. It's not as easy as saying, "Oh, I'll find a babysitter!") So I resigned myself to the fact that I would miss the show and I would be ok with that. Children are more important than Broadway musicals and this is a very true fact. When Jonathan told me he had tickets and had arranged for babysitters I was happy and sad, but ultimately ok with missing it. After all, I hadn't expected to see it. He shall have his brownie points for trying so hard!

Lunch was over and Jonathan went back to work.

And then my phone rang.

He called the theater one more time to make a last ditch effort to see if they would reprint our tickets and let us in.

They would!

They did!

Eighteen years ago I wanted to see this musical so very much! For eighteen years I've said, "If I could see ANY Broadway musical, it would be Disney's Beauty and the Beast!"

Last night I saw it with my husband.

was magical. And it was perfect.


  1. What a perfect date night! So glad your dream came true! Belle is my favorite Disney princess, too.

  2. Carrie, I had been thinking of you, knowing it was coming up! And I know about making different plans with little ones, which is one reason why we did not see it this year. But, we have already seen it once and it was delightful! So glad you were able to have such a gift and that it met all your expectations!

  3. What a husband!

    We do not have a regular sitter bc everything is so far away....including the teens/YA at church. It's been years since we paid a sitter...but, oh, that sounds fun!

  4. Oh wow! That is so wonderful that it worked out and so neat that he arranged everything. Arranging for babysitters was one of my least favorite parts of trying to go anywhere -- there was only one short period of time when we had someone we could regularly call on. I am so glad it all worked out and you got to go!

  5. Fantastic! Belle is my favorite too... after all, she loves books! I have ALWAYS wanted to see the musical, I have CDs, I have programs friends have sent me, but I haven't seen it yet! I am so thrilled that you have seen the musical you most wanted to, with the person who loves you the most!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad you got to go after all! Our drama class in high school went to see this in Seattle. I think it was the first off-Broadway show I'd ever seen. It was awesome and then we got a back stage tour as well!
    Definitely one of my favorites although I've now seen The Lion King and Phantom of the Opera and those are very cool as well!

  7. Aww.. what a good husband you have! Beauty and the Beast came out when I was in high school so I kinda missed that bandwagon. I'm more of a Cinderella kinda girl. :) I took Will to see Beauty and the Beast in 2010. It was his first time in a real theater so he was very impressed and LOVED the experience. He has since declared B & B too "girlie" which isn't surprising from an 8 yr old boy. I just looked up and Ellie is holding up her Belle dress (for dress-up) and twirling. :)

  8. Awwwww....that made me cry! I'm so glad you got to see it! SO sweet! :)

  9. Beauty and the Beast is by far my FAVORITE Disney film! I also had the opportunity to see a traveling production of the Broadway version several years ago and LOVED it! Hoping for the opportunity to see again one day!

  10. This is the sweetest thing ever! I was sad at first, but then the phone rang and everything got better. hahaha!
    Beauty and the Beast was just Disney's best film. It was. None has been better and none will be better. The end.
    And like most of the commenters here, Belle was my favorite too. She loved reading. I mean, it's too easy a choice.

  11. Oh, I am so very glad you got to go!! What a nice break from "real life"! :)

  12. Yay!! So glad this had a happy ending!! I, too, LOVE Belle...and the whole story actually! My husband does too and while we were dating, I actually bought him his very own copy on DVD! :)He is a romantic sap, but afraid to just admit it! LOL! We went and saw it live as well when they were here in Pittsburgh a few years ago. Loved it!!

  13. Oh, this brought tears to my eyes, Carrie. I'm so glad things worked out for you to go! :-) I like Belle a lot (duh! I mean, she READS!), but I have always loved the music from The Little Mermaid a lot, too. We saw the stage show at Disney last year and my girls loved it! We've also seen a local production on stage. I'd love to take them to a real, full-length professional production!

  14. Oh, yay! What a special opportunity. I was so disappointed when I got to the part where Jonathan couldn't find the tickets and had to tell you he was sorry that his surprise date was cancelled. But then to find out that you were able to go anyway? My heart can barely handle the excitement.

  15. I am SO glad you were able to go! Like you, I distinctly remember watching Belle and the Beast dance in the ballroom on the big movie theater screen. It was breathtaking. I have happily posed with Belle, my favorite princess, many times at Disney (and I am not the princess-y type!). I'm happy that you were able to experience the magic of the Broadway show as well!

  16. Oh I'm so happy for you and yet so jealous! I love, love, love Beauty and the Beast! So glad they reprinted your tickets. What a sweet hubby to continue going to all that trouble to try to get them.

  17. That sounds romantic and amazing. I'm glad you guys got to see the show after all!